Sunday, August 30, 2009

Superhuman Powers, yeah not so much!

This week has been so busy at work, with training, the kids, just life in general. I'm finally getting to sit down and breathe.

Work has picked up due to the holidays being right around the corner and everyone getting back to school. Training has intensified with miles being added daily which has been pretty exhausting however I am doing them. My children being back in school with their schedules, not to mention their social agendas.

So to say the least I am pretty tired. I am realizing that I do not possess superhuman powers though I can still argue that, and that I had to succumb to that realization on Thursday. I had an incredibly crazy day at work with only one break of about fifteen minutes. I left work at almost 8pm that night. By Friday morning I just wanted to become a crying piled up heap in the floor. I fought back tears all day long. It was frustrating to me because I see myself as needing to show no signs of weakness. Needless to say I took a much needed day off from running on Friday.

Saturday rolled around and it was time for the run with Lori, hills (dread, dread in Haigs Creek) for six miles. Though I hate running those blasted hills, there is always a sense of accomplishment completing those damn hills. These hills are a continuous grade straight up and then plain out not very many coasting downhills, which makes for a hard run. We did it though as we always do.

Due to the weather being absolutely beautiful this weekend, 68 degrees and overcast, we had one of our best runs. There were a bunch of other runners out yesterday. They knew Lori so I was introduced to them too. One guy we passed was comical, I'll expound. He was wearing all Livestrong gear from head to toe, he was completely coordinated.

Another runner was an older gentleman named Ron. He stopped us to talk for a minute. Lori introduced me to him and explained that we were training for the Governor's Cup Half-Marathon in November. She asked Ron is he was going to run it. He told us that these days he only gets to walk a few 5ks. Ron had a heart attack a few months back. In his hay day Ron has run many marathons, his eyes saddened as he told us about not being able to run any more. I felt sorry for him.

This week Lori had gotten bad news about her dog Gizmo. Gizmo has cancer. He will be having surgery on Thursday. Before me, Gizmo was her running partner. He was her excuse to run through sprinklers. Now she does it any way, we pray for sprinklers to be on for us to be able to run through them to get cooled off. Hopefully everything goes well for Gizmo on Thursday.

Lori also told me that she and Greg, are planning to move to Florida in a few years. I am really sad about that.

Last night we went to watch roller derby at Jamil Temple. Well low and behold, believe it or not, that is the distance the marathon is, from our house in Elgin to the Jamil Temple. Holy crap!

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