Friday, August 14, 2009

Saddle Bags and a Leftover Baby Belly to an 8 Pack

A very good friend of mine once commented that I was the most determined and bull headed person she knew and that if I decided I was going to do something I would do it. She had no doubt. She said that if someone told her that I was going to fly out of a tree, she'd believe it because I would fly out the damn tree.

I chuckle each time I start a new endeavor because her comment comes to mind every time. She was referring to finding out that at 28 years old, I had decided I was going to be a bodybuilder. To most this doesn't sound like too much a feat I guess but, I had already had three children, one by c-section which is supposed to deter the ability to have a six-pack abs. I was 165 pounds, 5'6" tall and could not even walk to my mailbox with out getting out of breath.

My youngest child had just begun kindergarten so I did not know what to do with myself having been a stay-at-home mom for years. I had let myself go, focusing just on my children. I decided that I would go to the gym and see if I could get someone to guide me on what to do. I found someone and because he saw my determination he trained me everyday at lunch. There were days that I trained until I literally threw up. I started out not being able to make it to the mailbox, within six weeks I was running two or three miles on the treadmill. I progressed so rapidly that from March to July my results we remarkable due to persistence, discipline and a lot of sweat. In July, he asked me if I was interested in trying my hand at a Bodybuilding show. I asked him if he thought I had a chance. (In the beginning of our training relationship, I had stressed so much that I do not want to be lied to and do not feed me to the wolves. He swore he would always be honest with me.) He told me with much enthusiasm that I definitely had a chance.

November rolled around, after many months of grueling workouts, running eighteen miles a day to cut body fat, and a strict beyond belief diet, the competition was here. I had learned a routine, and was ready to take the stage. After all the pose downs, routines, and long waits the judging took place. I had won my weight class. I had taken 2000 Southeast Women's Open Middle Weight First Place title. Yes, I have a national title in bodybuilding.

Within an eight month period, I had gone from stay at home mom with floppy arms, saddle bags, a baby belly, to a national title holding bodybuilder with an 8 pack. I say that to say this, when you dream, dream big, you just never know how far you can go. We are the only people who can tell ourselves no, we defeat ourselves, most of the time before we begin something new. Courage is all it takes, make the first step and if you merely ask, people are normally overjoyed to help you succeed.

Having the title is not something that I brag about at all, I am proud, but was taught to be humble about any accomplishments. Many times I have been told that I am not proud enough about my feats, but to me it's just another day of doing what I have to do to reach the ultimate goals that I set for myself.

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