Thursday, August 6, 2009

the beginning of the journey

It began as a jotted down goal on a "Goals List," one that I make every five or ten years on milestone birthdays, to complete a marathon before my fortieth birthday. Well the journey through the training has begun. Many miles have already been put on these legs, many more to come. The training is intense and laboring but a sense of accomplishment is felt after every run whether it be a quick three miler or much further.

When I talked to my family about it, most of the responses were why would you want to do that. My answer was why wouldn't you. No running is not for everyone, but for me it is truly freeing. Having run my first 5K a week or so ago, the rush of the crowd cheering for the first over the line to the last over the line made it all worth while. No, I did not make the time that I wanted to but I felt a sense of pride. I was doing something I was told I'd never do again. Overcoming is a huge part of running for me, and I'm doing it.

I am fortunate to have someone in my life who is willing to support me in whatever goal I choose to try and tackle. He runs with me though I know he doesn't feel up to it. When I have a 5K, he's waiting for me at the finish line patiently. He's proud no matter what my finishing time was and he is encouraging.

My children, they are proud. I have commissioned my son the skateboard along side me on the longer runs. My oldest daughter, she laughs and says for me to have fun with that but she supports me too in her own way. The youngest well, she is just as athletic and competitive as I, she understands fully.

With a support group that I have how could I not be successful? I ask myself that daily. I'll answer that, if I'm not fully determined, disciplined and dedicated, failure is inevitable. It is a battle against myself to keep pushing when I don't feel like it any more, when I don't think my legs can run one more step. Running is more mental than physical and I am finding that out daily. However I keep on, sore and tired, knowing it will all be worth it, every little bit.

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