Monday, April 30, 2012

The Crusher Run, My Momma and a First Place AG Finish!

My Momma and Me - Pre Race

Titled the most challenging foot race of it's type in South Carolina, The Olympia Crusher Run, through the granite mine, down in and up and out, 3.8 miles, 375 feet below sea level. Yeah buddy!

To have been such a small event, the precursor to the Olympia festival, a few people, 190 participants, headed to the start line. I had no clue what I was in for except that I knew the ending was touted to be steep and the entire race on gravel and sand. Sounded pretty fantastic to me, why not?

At the start, fantastic hair metal was playing, the master of ceremonies was wearing a fake mustache and looked like a circus ringmaster, I was looking for his whip and lion. The group was eclectic, some familiar faces and being there without someone running with me, I actually socialized. Close your mouth, I know, shocker, but I did.

The start was flat, about .3 miles of it and the epic downhill battle began,  controlling not flying the hill but also watching knees and ankles on gravel, and fear of falling. Quad burnout could be detrimental, because the climb out, people there is no other way out. Down, down, down to the bottom and then back up, focus in front or I would be defeated at the mountainous terrain ahead. Just do the damn thing, is all I could do.

Well I finished, had no clue where I was time wise, I did hear Kick Start my Heart playing when I finished.  When Jeremy said stay for the awards. I stayed and guess what, I took first place in age group. I had fun, My Momma was there to cheer me on, my husband was ecstatic at home.

The Crusher Run was important to me and kind of a landmark race per say:
1) Nik didn't take me.
2) My Momma went with me to watch me race for the first time.
3) I had no goal except to have fun.
4) Hold on to your seat...I didn't wear my Garmin 305.
5) the distance was shorter than I usually run.