Saturday, August 22, 2009

A milestone and a Cat

Today again was a milestone for me in training. Lori and I met to run six miles, the requirement for this week. It was not raining, shocker, and no sunshine and only 95% humidity. At 8:30 we made out trek through my neighborhood, which is in the country I might add, as we are approaching a curve a deer runs across the road! It was a pretty awesome experience, I wish I had like the deers, bounce and run, that's be so nice. We proceeded on our run through the back roads of the little town of Elgin, where horses galloped alongside us. As we entered another part of the course, no kidding a little kitten followed us for two and a half miles and then let me pet it. Weird I thought.

We pushed ourselves to finish and actually added half mile to the run. We completed six and a half miles in a little bit over an hour. I felt another sense of accomplishment.

Today I motivated Lori which is usually the other way around. She told me she wasn't feeling well, her cousin had passed away, her mother was mad at her and she was tired. (The latter is plenty enough to make me tired, dealing with mother issues is exhausting. I have given people around me permission to put me out of my misery if I start becoming my mother, dear god help us all.)

I enjoy our runs more and more as she talks more. I think we are really becoming friends. We discuss our children, books we read, things that annoy us, you name it we talk about it. I am fully aware that what we discuss is between her, me, the fence post, and maybe a horse, cat or pig, literally.

After these longer runs, which will soon be accompanied by "only five miles" which is so wrong for only to proceed five miles, are tougher on my hamstrings of all things. I am thankful for eucalyptus Epsom's salts that my friend Rebecca introduced me to, and I am ever so grateful. They compliment our garden tub perfectly. I believe she must have bought stock in the company as now I need an intervention to stopping using those salts.

All in all, I remain on track, progress continues. Tomorrow is my day off and for that I am thankful.

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