Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Proud Mom...

For a few years now I have been training Muay Thai with my boyfriend. I have done so in order to hopefully one day be able to get in the ring and fight. Recently my training has slowed down some because of all the running. My daughters and son have watched us train many times and have all expressed interest on training as well.

There had never been a follow through on their wanting to start to train until this past week. My oldest daughter decided that she wanted to train, so Nik told her what time to be ready. Believe it or not she tried her hand at Muay Thai and she really likes it a lot. She told me when she came in the first time that she was tired. The next morning she said she didn't realize she had ab muscles under there. Yesterday,m she was dressed in Muay Thai trunks as she did her homework. Last night she was asleep at nine o'clock. This morning she is wiped out and said she needed a day off but that she wants to do it again tomorrow.

I'm proud of her and I hope that she sticks with it.

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