Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hell in a DVD Collection

We have a love hate relationship, Tony Horton and I. I'm not sure but I think that he has been sent to this earth to be my demise or certainly make me feel this way.

A little history on Tony Horton and how our relationship began. First off I was flipping through the television and happened upon an infomercial, which under normal circumstances I would have avoided like the plague, not on that day though, Tony Horton was selling his workout plan. (I ask myself daily what was I thinking and believe it or not I have watched this infomercial repetitively since!) At first glance all that I saw was ripped bodies on fit people that were not eighteen years old. They were people around my age. The exercises they were doing was challenging and intrigued me a little more. I decided I must order this workout program. I did every little bit of it and waited ever so anxiously to get it in the mail.

Finally P90X arrived in the mail. I was elated and ready to inflict whatever on myself in order to challenge my workout and switch things up a bit. ( I saved the box because if I didn't feel challenged I was sending it back immediately. Can we say ego which was by the way crushed like an egg on day one!) Needless to say the box was thrown away after round one of pure hell. I have never in my life done as many pull ups or push ups as I did that day. My whole self hurt which to me is a good thing, it was what I wanted, right?

After completing the first weeks of this hell in a box that I paid for, I became to know these people who were inflicting such intense workouts on me by name. I learned in the beginning if Dreya is on the dvd, watch out I was in for a extra dose of pain. If Tony and Dreya could only hear what I say to them, they would do more damage to me. I have cursed them out, flipped them off and told them how much I hate them out loud, as I masochistically finish those workout everyday. Will I ever learn? Probably not.

When I started training for this marathon, I decided I needed to let my body adjust to all the running and take a break from P90X for a little bit. During this time, the marketing geniuses at Beachbody (P90X distributors) sent me a message to say they had an additionalfive workouts to challenge me even more. What a sucker I am, I ordered them. These dvds encase the very bowels of hell. They make the first fifteen, yes fifteen dvds look like a cake walk.

After my two week break I restarted P90X. I must say that I will not make that mistake again. Once I was in the routine of doing the program I was pretty anesthetized to the pain, my body had adjusted to. Day one back on P90X, I went running with Lori, my hip flexers locked up, not a pleasant experience. Note to self, P90X never gets easier and the additional pack not necessary.

I did complete the upper body "hell in a dvd" workout this morning. It was the longest thirty-five minutes of my life, yes I said thirty-five minutes. I almost threw up, when doing an upper body routine that is not the norm at all, legs possibly but not upper body!

Tony Horton is genius for having developed this plan, it is not to be entered into lightly as it will kick your ass in high fashion. The results are phenomenal when you follow the program, strength improves and body changes happen rapidly. His workouts are comprised of all the elements that we forget to use, being wrapped up in machines at gyms. Endless amounts of pull ups and push ups, lunges...he takes it back to basics and some days I could just ring his neck for it. Some mornings I could punch Dreya and him in the face, but the end results are all worth it, vomit and all.

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