Monday, August 24, 2009


As the days tick away to the Marathon at Myrtle Beach, 171days remain to be exact, the realization of the distance that these two legs of mine will be covering is quite overwhelming but not unthinkable.

The training miles increase, as does the ibuprofen, soaking in the bath tub and Thai oil rub downs. Mostly after the weekend long runs I just want to sleep and eat. In reading I have learned that on marathon day upon the completion of my glorious 26.2 miles I will have burned approximately 8000 calories, no kidding. I believe that number shocks me more than 26.2 miles. I have a hard time fathoming either of these two numbers honestly. I am almost certain that I will not fully understand them until crossing that finish line. I will be the one sobbing or as I prefer to call it "doing the ugly Oprah cry" as I finish. I will be overwhelmed for sure and starving.

Back to those 26.2 miles, Nik and I drove to have lunch today, the restaurant was not even 26.2miles from our house. I am trying to wrap my head around the distance not to mention that it will be run on my two feet consistently for hours. Of course I calculated the distance that we drove to lunch I still had about 9 more miles past where we had lunch. My goodness, I need a nap just thinking about that. (Visual: My hand is on my forehead as I am thinking what have I decided to do to myself. Then a small grin appears because I know beyond the shadow of a doubt I can do it, all 26.2 miles.) I am the only person who can give up on me, I am the only person who can make me quit.

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