Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Creating Yet A Larger Support Team

While working today, a few clients came in that I knew also had run before, marathons, mini-marathons and just running in general. Three of them have now started doing P90X after I had raved so many times about how wonderful this program is. Truthfully it is probably the best workout for people who enjoy a challenge and like seeing results immediately. Of course they have been reaping the benefits of their hard labors and so have I.

During our conversations, I shared with them my goal of running a marathon.

Each of them were more than encouraging to my aspirations of running a marathon. I have a secret goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon before I am forty. (not a secret any more) I shared my ultimate goal with these people and they became my personal cheerleaders. They shared with me their own personal courses that they like running. They told me about marathons that they had each completed and how it felt. They described the pain after completing those 26.2 miles. However, the sense of accomplishment far outweighed the soreness as was evident by the twinkle in their eyes almost as if they were reliving the moment.

They were interested to know how my first race went. I expressed to them that I was disappointed in my time but I needed a starting point, something to work at bettering. When I told my client Dennis that I had completed the 5K in 31 minutes, the statement that followed was, "Pam,you trained a week for that race and you busted out a little over a 10 minute mile. You should be proud not in any way disappointed in that time." He encouraged me and said he had no doubt that you will qualify for Boston. E-mails of all my clients were given to me in the event that I needed any help with anything at all, diet, more courses to run, an overall view of the upcoming courses, you name it they are there.

I am pretty fortunate to have so many supportive people in my life creating yet a larger support team. Having people that truly care about me and see that I have potential, and encourage me to pursue these goals I have set for myself, is somewhat overwhelming but is much needed and appreciated. My heart is full, oh goodness how cliche'!

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  1. Back in the day, before health problems took the ability to do so from me, I was a runner. It is wonderful to see you embrace this. I know you will be successful and I will be following you and cheering every step of the way!