Monday, September 3, 2012

First the trail, then the road and the power of positive people...i heart running....

Another two races in one weekend, not the same day but equally as taxing having raced 16.2 miles total, one 10 mile Xterra trail and a 10k road race.    I know it doesn’t sound like much, however, when done close together but having downtime between, two days to be exact, soreness has time to creep in.  I prefer double racing the same day.  

Davidson, North Carolina had me salivating as we were driving to the race venue, the streets had people being active, runner, cyclists, bike lanes, side walks.  Oh if only we were so lucky here, there were other road races going on during the time that I was doing the trail. It is a beautiful place. I cannot wait to go back next year.  It reminded me of Cary, NC.

The trail course was beautiful as always it is, well what I can see usually looking down or else I will end up flat on my face, trippage, is inevitable.  This trail was different in that it was dryer than the previous trails that I have been on.  The other thing that stood out was that it was like being on a rollercoaster and jumping over thing in the path, made for an interesting event.  The venue was so quaint, it started in what looked like someone’s yard.  Set up crew was great.  

This race differed for me as well because, I was determined to run the whole thing.  It is really hard to start back once I stop on any kind of race, but trails especially, I haven’t figured out why yet, maybe just the break in concentration and focus.  Two weeks ago on a previous double race day, the first one of its kind for me, I had done a 10K where I had determined that I was running the whole thing, the end. I was able to and finished faster than I thought. So, 10 miles, I can do this.  I did.  

My trail experience is so limited, being very new to trail but loving the challenge all the same, improvements are being seen each time. If I am smiling after, it was a good race.  I was beaming.  

My first trail, which I am completely nuts insert disclaimer here, was a half marathon. Yes, what was I thinking, in July, the 8th to be exact and when temperatures are well over 100 degrees. I just counted, that was 8 weeks ago, holy crap. Well, Saturday’s was my fourth one, good gosh. 

Now I just really got excited, literally…adrenaline junky, who me? Haha! 
Following is the reason for my excitement: 

Date     Race                               Finish Time
July 8 -     Harbison Xterra SC 13.1       3:02
July 15     Xterra NC Whitewater  12K   1:45
August 18 6.2 mile Trail Challenge Whitewater 1:02
September 1 Xterra NC 10 miler Fisher Farm 2:05

I get obsessed by certain things and have to see the progress, poor Nik.
I just squealed, silly I know but, I love competition, against who, myself.  I want to improve me and I am.    My times aren’t anywhere near good and I have a really high expectation of myself, there is always room for improvement. 

Which brings me to my next race but a realization all the same. I went with my friend Lori and her daughter.  Katy was running her first 10k this morning.  I know how I felt when my daughter and niece ran with me, it is a special moment. I had agreed to sign up, the race was for the fallen soldiers charity, so a great cause for a holiday run.  

It was hot today, but it is September in South Carolina, could be 70 degrees, could be 110.  It was a hot run, no shade, and I admit I was sore, more sore than I had thought.  But whatever, this run was just for fun and to support Katy running her first race and a great way to spend a holiday morning. I also had had way to much fun at the Latin Festival yesterday so I was hungover running it as well, yes I admit it. I indulged way too much on Sunday.  Woke up at 3am to take ibuprofen for my pounding skull and electrolyte tablets to help me over the hump.  I know better but, needed to let my hair down a little bit, having not had a drink since May. Any way. I didn't die, lesson learned maybe. Moving on...

What made today even more special was that I got to see so many people I haven’t seen in so long. Everybody is so busy for whatever reason, I am, just with life and living it.  I ran into so many people, but oddly enough we just picked up where we left off.  Everyone seemed to be fairing well, as was evident by the smiles on their faces.  It truly was a good day.  Being surrounded by some of the most positive people I know, and have the privilege to know, makes life a lot more enjoyable.  Let me explain.  Athletes of all levels were there today.  Honestly, they cheer just as loudly for the last place as the first place. Why?  Because it took the last person as much if not more work to get to the start line as it did the first place person.  I am always encouraged by this group of people.  The power of positive people, changes lives… 

And I just found out I got 3rd in my Age Group (35-39) this morning. Katy, Lori’s daughter finished first in her age group.  

Living life to it's fullest everyday...having more smile lines than frown lines, and sparkling eyes...what a great life I have.