Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Regardless of the Elements

As I woke up this morning the reminders of the past few days of running greet me, sore calves, back and hamstrings.

Yesterday, in the sweltering 105 degree weather (not including the heat index), we trekked three miles. Believe it or not it was not unbearable. Don't get me wrong it was not pleasant but we did it. Afterword, we cross trained. These days I use Muay Thai as my cross training. It is my sanity and has made me a much nicer person. Muay Thai is also beneficial to the cardiovascular system, which we refer to as "having lungs." I have been training Muay Thai for over two years now. I am happy that I am able to continue with it while doing all this running.

Let me clarify a few things. We built a gym at our house. There are no frills, no air conditioning and no heat so one can imagine just how hot it was in there yesterday after running. We have three fans, one box fan and two oscillating fans. It is not at all comfortable but when an athlete needs to train, he or she just does - regardless of the elements.

Today will be a repeat of yesterday, another three miles, maybe Muay Thai and it will all get done, despite the heat and soreness. Afterward we will still be smiling believe it or not and looking forward to the next time.

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