Monday, August 16, 2010

Think I may take some time off and other fleeting thoughts!

As I lay in bed on this past Sunday morning, I was staring at the ceiling thinking to myself that after March I may take a whole month or two off from training.  Then the realization hit, no way in hell would I take off that amount of time ever.  My nuclear family would be miserable not to mention I would be permanently banished to the "Dog House" for unruly behavior.  So I began laughing hysterically out loud and Nik asked me what I was laughing about.  I shared my brief and surely fleeting thought with him and his only comment was yeah right.

Sunday is the only day we sleep in.  He is so sweet he gets up with me on Saturday at 5:30 a.m. when I do my distance runs.  I run between ten and twenty miles depending on the schedule before 10 a.m. every Saturday.  So Sundays around our house is like gold.  Usually we still wake up at 5:30 any way but go back to sleep as that is the time we wake up all other six days of the week.

Training has become my second job, too bad I can't get paid for doing it. My schedule follows:

  • Monday:
    • Swim in the a.m. 
    • Run in the p.m.
  • Tuesday
    • Masters swim a.m.
    • Cycle p.m.
  • Wednesday
    • Swim a.m.
    • Run p.m.
  • Thursday
    • Masters Swim a.m.
    • Run p.m.
  • Friday
    • Cycle a.m.
    • p.m. off
  • Saturday
    • distance run a.m.
I'm tired just looking at it.  Hard work pays off, right?  I keep reminding myself of the previous statement every time I move and my body aches, each time I am so wiped out I do not feel like going to work much less swimming, biking or running, each time I put my shoes on and go for broke I remind myself.  When I am finished, I smile, feel accomplished, knowing I am beating the odds.

When I smile I think to myself about how far I have come in a short year, how much farther I will have come in a year from now and I will just keep trudging on making head way and winning small personal victories.  This journey is one of my own, not to prove one thing to anybody else but myself.  Those are the thoughts that flood my mind as I run, ipod-less for miles and miles or swim in silence lap after lap and cycle for hours.

Another downfall I should say is being so ambitious and my drive I am certain drives my nuclear family nuts even though they remain supportive, the sometimes call me crazy.  This type drive is what it takes is what I explain, an undying one.

I was reading a magazine one Sunday afternoon when a question caught my attention.  The question was something to the effect of asking when was the time you feel most beautiful.  It got me thinking. Now I know the answer to that question, I would have to say that moment is when I am the sweatiest I can be from whatever sport I am doing. I have the sense of accomplishment that spills over onto my face and breaks open into a toothy grin with dimples and freckles scattered across my cheeks.

Well, the training continues with the ultimate goal in mind.  The smiles will manifest as the sweat continues to pour, and the sense of accomplishment grows stronger as I push through pain, exhaustion and the overwhelming desire to continue on to that start line that I am so excitedly and inevitably approaching.

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