Monday, October 19, 2009

12 miles and 19 days Saturday 13!

I am uncertain what made this run so great but the twelve miles I ran on Saturday was the best and by far the easiest run I have had thus far. Elements played a huge part, the air was crisp lacking in humidity, the temperature in the high 30s, low 40s, and the sun had not risen yet. The view was amazing watching the sun come up over the horizon as we ran.

Throughout the trekking of twelve miles, we stopped three times total, two times was for just a mere thirty seconds face paced walk and once for a bathroom, water, and GU break. Believe it or not we completed those twelve miles in two hours, including the breaks. I had reached my goal. I was elated and endorphin-filled, the runner's high was in full affect. I felt like I could have run for days.

I waited on the soreness to come, it was minimal. A little ankle soreness, thutt (that is the area between my thigh and butt cheek) my swollen toe, and sore elbows. Of all the aches I have had the sore elbows have been the weirdest for me. Keeping them in one position for so long, makes the tendons tender, but its not unbearable, just strange. My body is adapting well to running distance.

I have increased my Muay Thai training and Nik kicks my ass every day. I use it as cross-training, and the non-stop intervals that Muay Thai is comprised of build up "my lungs."

Countdown has begun for my first half-marathon on November 7th - nineteen days left.

Sometimes I post times on Facebook especially if it is a milestone that I have conquered. This past Saturday was one of those days. The response was overwhelming. However one stood out more than the others.

I few years back I was in CVS on Two Notch Road, when I heard a voice that I recognized from high school. I followed the voice and it was one of my teachers who was an avid runner back in the day. He had not aged and recognized me just as I had he. We chatted for a bit and went on our way. Through the magic of Facebook, he and I connected again just a few months ago. I realized that he had switched to biking ungodly amounts of miles which is awesome but not for me.

I said all to say this, he liked my status on Saturday and sent me a message. He was proud of me. Never underestimate the power of words.

Life is good. My support team continues to grow even Irma's "got my back." Little things make a strong impact on people, I never realized how much.

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