Thursday, July 5, 2012

Knee socks, a trail, and a camelpak…Oh MY! On-On!

Well, who would have thought I could find something else to entertain all my spare time, because I have so much. I did, and it is called trail running.  The lure of trail is something so new to me and so intriguing, almost difficult to put into words. 

Imagine this, no matter the temperature, time of day, due to shade and the ever so faithful camelpak, running is doable. Imagine having to be so focused in the moment, that thoughts can not veer, your mind cannot wander, the focus is straight ahead, the next marking, the tree root underfoot, snake or rock or downed tree, limb overhead, or drop off. Imagine it, being constantly in the moment, no cars sounds, no music, only nature.

Poetry in motion. I never thought I would be observant enough to run trail.  Here is a phrase that came out of my mouth during a recent trail run with my friend, "Stay behind me, I will keep us on trail." Weirdest thing because I, in the past, would have never dared take the lead. Pretty proud moment actually.

Embarking on a new adventure, always makes me giddy and if it be difficult, all the better.  It makes my poor husband nervous, but we bartered this time.  I will keep my phone in  my camelpak, which is so nifty it has pockets to keep stuff, and that I will check in throughout the race Sunday. I also keep it with me when I'm on trail, poor guy. I have been told by a dear friend that I am a lot to handle. Whatevs!

Oh this always happens, I blog about it and start daydreaming about being on the hill in Sesqui that I call the stairs. (Insert pout here.) I wish I was there right now instead of taking the afternoon off so I can go to the gm in the morning.

Then there is this group of the most delightful drinkers with a running problem that I have been so fortunate to encounter. They are the Hashers. Every other Saturday and on opposing Sundays and on Full Moons, a group of knee sock wearing, beer drinking folks, show up at the designated spot, at the determined time and trail run from one stop to the next. The Hounds chase a Hare through the trail that the hare has marked, watching for symbols, signs, toilet paper, and the most wonderful one, BN or Bcheck. It is all in good fun, which is what I want to do, have fun and wear knee socks.

Happy Trails!


NFHN Pam :)

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